Error Proofing

Southwestern PTS integrates error proofing (mistake proofing) solutions to increase quality and help manufacturers drive toward zero defects.  We can show you how to Poka-yoke an assembly process by including smart torque tools, software, wearable barcode scanners, operator guidance, digital work instructions, and augmented reality.

Pivotware Screen MES Operator Guidance.p

Desoutter PivotWare

Holistic Process Control - Operator Guidance - Increase Efficiency - Optimal Results

Light Guide Systems

Train AR - Full Operator Guidance and Process Control - Project Video and Instructions onto Work Surface

Light Guide Systems Overhead.jpg
ProGlove Mark Display 20.png


Lightweight - Tough - Wearable Barcode Scanner - On Board Camera - Geo-location

Ujigami MES Software

Easy to Use - Zero Defect Strategies - Only Ship Correct Parts - Full Database of Each Step - Historical Data

Desoutter GCI Project.jpeg

GCI Adaptics

Smart Torque Arm - Data Collection - Tightening Sequence