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Our Automation Projects

Our creative engineering team works with manufacturing sites to develop smart and cost effective factory automation solutions.  We work all levels including:  concept, collaboration, consulting, design, and integration. Due to NDA we are unable to broadcast most projects, please get in touch with more questions.

Universal Robots AperaAi 4D Vision

Automated Rotor Pick and Place

Smart Screw Driver UR+ App Kit

Visumatic Auto Feed and Drive

UR ActiNav Time Lapse

Polishing Flat Spring Washer

Press Brake Installation

Trade Show Robot Table

Robot and Cobot Videos

The Southwestern PTS engineering team specializes in both industrial and collaborative robot solutions.  We work small and large projects at all levels including:  concept, collaboration, design, and integration.  Are you ready to have a conversation about robots?

Fast AI 4D Vision Bin Picking

FANUC CRX Robot Family

Robotic Assembly Machine

UR Collaborative Assembly

Factory Automation Conveyor

Collaborative Box Erector

AGV and AMR Videos

Our engineering team can design and build AGV solutions at a lower cost than most integrators.  We have a unique way of utilizing drive components to keep extra costs at bay.  We can also help deploy full AMR projects in most facilities.   Have you seen the newest follow me technology from Thouzer robotic carts?  Reach out today!

AMR AGV Videos

Thouzer Robotic Cart Tow Test

Thouzer Robotic Cart Lineup


Peer Robotics Collaborative AMR

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