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Engineering Services

Examples of recent proof of concept projects

The Application Engineers at Southwestern PTS consult, conceptualize, build, and integrate solutions based on the process and application.  Our Proof of Concept (POC) service saves time and capital when deciding if automation is the right solution.  Rapid prototyping available utilizing our Ultimaker 3D printers.

Proof of Concept and Robots

Want to go lights out manufacturing but not quite ready to invest? Employing a cobot saves time, money, and substantially improves throughput in practically any environment. POC ideas include: 4D vision, bin picking, sanding, polishing, pick and place, screw or bolt driving, machine tending, and deburring.

General Proof Of Concept Offerings

Wondering if automation is right for your process?  Let our team of engineers assist by proving out the idea for a small investment.  POC ideas include: moving material, machine tending, flexible conveyor, part fixtures and pucks, cycle time measurement, and ROI measurement based on metrics set forth.


3D Printing Sales and Service

3D Printing is a vital resource we use often in our automation projects.  However, we also offer rapid prototyping services and can quickly print any ideas you may have.  We have printed production quality parts using carbon reinforced nylon filament. We would also be happy to quote your very own Ultimaker 3D 

Get a Quote

We offer design and engineering services nationwide with a focus in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.  Reach out today for a quick quote on your next project!

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