Torque Tools

Torque tools and torque measuring devices are the cornerstone to a quality centered manufacturing process.  Many types of tooling solutions exist from the basic torque wrench to the most sophisticated connected transducerized system.  No matter what your process demands, Southwestern PTS can help.

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Electric Assembly Systems

Electric Assembly Tools are usually considered when the assembly process calls for more accuracy, a reduction in power or noise levels, or to drive toward zero defects.  Electric Assembly Tools can be a key part to error proofing an assembly process and increasing quality output across the entire manufacturing facility.  We can handle one system up to complete engineered solutions like multi-spindles on a torque tube.  Our team of Sales Engineers can help select the appropriate solution based on your application and within budget.

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Desoutter Industrial Tools

Connect - CVI3 - CVIR - CVIC - CVIL - E-Pulse - BLRTC - EABS "Stubby" - EPBC - EABC

Estic Tools

Ergonomic Electric Pulse Tools - Handy2000 - Handy2000 Touch - Handy2000 Cordless


Cordless Assembly Tools

Cordless Assembly Torque Tools offer flexibility, better accuracy, and lower energy costs for any assembly line operation.  The torque range begins at .2 Nm and tops out around 450 Nm without multipliers.  Technology changes fast in this arena of assembly tooling and we can help with virtually any application.  Take the first step towards lower costs today and eliminate the air hose.

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Desoutter Industrial Tools

E LIT Tools - B-Flex - BLRTC

Panasonic Assembly Tools

Mechanical Pulse Tools and Accupulse Tools


Torque Wrenches

Torque Wrenches have improved rapidly in the last two years.  They are no longer just a click wrench, but have evolved into a full manual tightening assembly system capable of data collection and error proofing.  Digital torque wrenches with torque and angle control have also been recognized as a proper way to measure residual torque on a fastener.

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Sturtevant Richmont

Global 400 - Exacta - DTC - TAC - SDR - CCM - LTC - LTCR



Crane Electronics

IQW2 - Wrenchstar Multi


Torque Measurement and Calibration

Torque measurement and calibration is needed to make sure all torque tools are working within specified ranges.  They include torque testers, transducers, torque wrench calibration, torque wrench testers, calibration carts, and data analyzers.  Southwestern PTS supports installation of all calibration type equipment and can engineer custom solutions.

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Crane Electronics

IQVu - TorqueStar - MTTS - TjRS

Sturtevant Richmont

TorqueTronics - VeriTorque -System 8


Delta Wrench - Delta 7D - Delta Cart


Custom Solutions

Southwestern PTS specializes in solving complex problems with engineered solutions.  Our turn-key specialties include: Multi-spindle assembly stations, smart torque arms for sequencing, positioning of wireless torque tools, any type of limited access solution with tool attachments, multi-spindle starter attachments, and multi-spindle hand starters.  If you have an idea, we can help make it a reality!

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Lubbering Tool Attachments


Nutrunner Attachments - Multi-spindle Starter Tools - Crowfoot - Offset - Drilling Attachments

Southwestern PTS Custom Projects

Smart Arms with GCI and Desoutter Tools - Estic Tools Multi-spindles - Desoutter Custom Solutions - Full Tightening Stations

Luebbering (Lubbering)

Custom Tool Attachments - Crowfoot - Offset Tool Attachments - Limited Access Fastening

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