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Ergonomics and Material Handling

Our team can help enhance current processes or solve problems with standard or custom engineered ergonomic and material handling solutions.  We provide full turn-key services and can help manage the full project from concept ro completion.

Thouzer Robotic Carts

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) - Custom Design - Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) - Concept to Integration - Follow Me Robotic Cart

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GCI Lift Engineered Solutions

Custom Material Handling and Manipulators - Lift Devices - Part Handlers - Torque Arms - Multiple Spindle Torque Tools - High Quality Engineered Solutions - Made in the USA


Workstation Bridge Cranes - Jib Cranes - Gantry Cranes - Monorail - Rigid Lifelines - Industrial Fall Protection

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Demag KBK

Electric Chain Hoists - DC-Pro - DCS-Pro - DC-Com - DCM-Pro Manulift - DCBS Servo - Trolleys - KBK Rail


Torque Arms - Zero G Arm - Ergonomic Solutions - Part Manipulator - Tapping Arm

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Eidos Ergonomics

Ergonomic Seating - Industrial Grade - Creeper Chair to Full Body Support - 5 Year Warranty - Made in the USA

Align Production Systems

Large AGV - Transporters - Turntables - Welding Positioner - Power Tugger - AirFloat - Custom Cells

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Comau Mate Exoskeleton

New Lightweight Design - Reduce Shoulder Muscle Activation - Back Support Relief - Reduction in Effort