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Spin Robotics

Spin Robotics aims to close the gap between humans and robots on assembly lines by introducing innovative and smart collaborative tools. The goal is to free workers from tasks that can cause injuries and ensure that the employees are responsible for more creative, meaningful, and satisfactory work.  Happy and healthy employees with drive equal a prosperous company.

Spin Robotics Product Launch Video

Southwestern PTS is an Authorized Distributor, integrator, and consultant for Spin Robotics specializing in all things fastening.  Contact our team today to discuss your project.  Let's work together to make this important yet mundane task collaborative and meaningful with human counterparts.

Spin Robotics Data Sheets

Spin Robotics Data Sheet cover.png

Spin Robotics SD35 Data Sheet

Spin Robotics Data Sheet cover.png

Spin Robotics SD70 Data Sheet

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We are a Distributor and System Integrator for Spin Robotics Nationwide with a focus in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, New Mexico, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky.

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