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Modula Vertical Storage Solutions

Modula vertical lift modules (VLM) are the most sought after solution for gaining space on the factory floor.  Not only are they manufactured in the USA; they also incorporate the newest technology in efficient, automated storage.  When a Modula automatic vertical storage warehouse is deployed, floor space is optimized can be re-purposed.  We are proud to be working with Modula on vertical storage solutions in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas and can help evaluate the return on investment opportunity.

Modula VLM Vertical Storage

Modula Slim Vertical Storage Solution

Modula One Pick Automated Pick and Replenishment

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Modula Lift Vertical Storage

Modula Lift Brochure

Modula Slim Vertical Storage

Modula Slim Brochure

Modula one pick vertical warehouse

Modula One Pick Brochure

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We support Modula VLM automated storage solutions in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.  These are custom engineered to meet a specific need and the only automated storage and retrieval system Made in the USA!

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