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The increasing digitalization of the manufacturing sector means the era of the smart factory is now upon us. The fitting of myriad equipment with sensors, and the ability to collect, transmit and interpret data in real-time, is leading to previously unattainable levels of traceability and control. That is enabling tools, machines and people to communicate like never before. This trend, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, is giving companies far better visibility of their industrial processes, ensuring that potential problems can be identified before they occur.
Here at Desoutter, we are committed to turning Industry 4.0 into products and services that deliver maximum benefit to our customers and partners. From reduced downtimes, to more flexible production processes with lower costs, Industry 4.0 has the potential to transform the ways organizations perform.
This dedicated book acts as a gateway to that transformative journey, explaining the origins of Industry 4.0 in a global context, and highlighting its impact on production environments. Ultimately, it’s a story of how Desoutter and its partners can work together to create the smarter factories of the future.  Explore Desoutter platforms like: Connect, CVI3, CVIC, CVIR, and CVIL.  Recently launched tools like the EABS and BLRTC are now available as well.

Desoutter Interactive Catalog

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General Catalog (Full Version 2021)

Desoutter Connect Hub Catalog.png

Desoutter Connect Hub Platform

Desoutter Virtual Cable Catalog.png

Desoutter Virtual Cable

Desoutter Stubby EABS Catalog.png

Desoutter EABS "Stubby" Tools

Desoutter CVI3 Catalog.png

Desoutter CVI3 Assembly Tools

Desoutter E LIT Catalog.png

Desoutter Cordless E-LIT Tools

Desoutter EV Tooling.png

Desoutter Tools For Electric Vehicles

Desoutter B-Flex-QRX Catalog.png

Desoutter B-Flex QRX Quick Change System

Desoutter CVIC-II Catalog.png

Desoutter CVIC Assembly Tools

Desoutter E-Pulse Catalog.png

Desoutter E-Pulse Tools

Desoutter ERP-HT Catalog.png

Desoutter ERP-HT High Torque Tool

Desoutter Torque Measurement.png

Desoutter Torque Measurement

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