Southwestern PTS offers a full array of automation solutions to increase productivity, profitability, and improve quality.  Our solutions range from handheld automatic screw driving systems to completely engineered automated machines.  From concept to turn-key delivery, Southwestern PTS can help improve any process by providing the correct automation solution. We are ready to tackle your project ideas!



Handheld Screw Driving Systems - Bolt Feed and Drive - Nut Feed and Drive - Pin Insertion - Clip Insertion Machines - Universal Robot Screw Driving Solutions

Universal Robots

UR3e - UR5e - UR10e - UR16e - Certified Systems Integrator based in Texas - Machine Tending - Pick and Place - Screwdriving - Collaborative Automation

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Modula VLM Solutions

Vertical Storage Units - Automated Vertical Lift Module - Vertical Storage Systems - Vertical Storage Solutions - Vertical Lift Modules - Automated Storage Solutions - Automatic Storage Warehouse

OnRobot EOAT

RG2 - RG2-FT - RG6 - VG10 -VGC10 - Gecko Gripper - Easy End Of Arm Tooling Integration

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AirWay Automation

Ladder Style Parts Feeders - Bolt Feeders - Custom Solutions - Automation Machines


Custom Bowl Feeders - Bolt Feeder - Washer Feeder - Custom Solutions

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