FlexArm is a customer-driven company that will provide quality, innovation and superior customer service.  FlexArm is made right here in the USA!  Their team of employees believe in complete customer satisfaction.  Together with Southwestern PTS team members making on site needs assessment visits, we believe we provide a complete arm solution.  The lineup of solutions include: pneumatic tapping arms, hydraulic tapping arms, assembly/torque arms, precision die grinding arms, and pick and place (ergonomic) arms.  With such a vast selection of solutions, FlexArm and Southwestern PTS can help you increase ergonomics and quality!  FlexArm also believes in their product enough to offer a 3 year limited warranty!  Get in touch with us today for immediate help!  Make sure and check out our videos at the bottom of this page!

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Product Information and Catalog Downloads
Pneumatic Tapping Tap up to 7/8" in mild steel, available with up to 76" arm reach, quick change tool holders, ready to mount.
Hydraulic Tapping
Tap up to 2" in mild steel, full 360? movement, multiple models to suit your needs.
Zero Gravity Balance
FlexArm offers multiple setups for holding and articulating tools at zero gravity.  Contact us today for help.
Precision Die Grinding
Fast and easy die repair with perfectly positioned die grinder in a FlexArm.  Up to 76" reach available, can be portable, can mount vertical or horizontal.
Flex_Arm_G-60_Assembly Assembly/Torque Arms FlexArm can develop mutiple setups for holding power tools and absorbing torque reaction.  This is a great ergonomic solution and we can help you find the right fit in your facility. Download
Pick and Place Arms We can help you find an articulating arm that can pick and place objects.  This is an important ergonomic improvement for all sites where operators are required to move objects repeatedly in their daily duties. Download